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Cabinets & Countertops


Cabinets are the main elements of your interior design, especially when it comes to Kitchen and Bathroom. At Broadway Cabinets and Countertops, we provide you with endless options to ensure your home’s cabinetry is chosen based on the design and look you are visioning. We provide all sorts of cabinetry such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, Cabinet doors, and hardware. We also modify your cabinets if needed, such as Refacing and Refinishing.

Broadway Cabinets & Countertops presents a white marble countertop luxury version


Countertops are usually the second most important element of your home interior design. They add the last touch of feel you would like to have in your home. Whether if you would like it to be a luxury, contemporary, or simple look, there are countertops that will accomplish that. However, you have to also look at it from a practical point of view when choosing the right countertop. There are countless countertops, which are made for resistance, and then there are others that are made for affordability. We carry Quartz, Granite, Marble, and Laminate Countertops.


The functionality, look, and quality of your home’s fixtures have the potential to add a significant amount of value to your house. We have partnered with the industry-leading fixture suppliers to provide you (our client) with top-of-the-line fixtures. We offer fixtures such as Sinks, Faucets, Hoods, Cooktops, Bathtubs, and Shower sets.

Closets & Storage Units

Broadway Cabinets & Countertops provides all closet and storage solutions for every room of your house. We make all sorts of closets, shelving, Garage storage units, office organization units, laundry room storage, pantry cabinets, and much more. 

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