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Whether you are building a new home or you just want to spruce up your current space, one of the most important purchases will be your cabinets. Whether it will be in the kitchen, the bathrooms, bedrooms or storage area, the right cabinets can not only make your space look better but also clean from all the clutter.

Stock Cabinets

With stock cabinetry, you are going to benefit greatly from a much faster speed of installation and lower prices. Modern stock cabinets also allow you to add special features and details from the craftsmen. They are also easily customizable when it comes to type of wood, color, size, shape and style. A stock cabinet can also help you visualize how the room will look a lot easier than designing a cabinet set from scratch. Stock cabinets are significantly cheaper than custom cabinets. Modern are versatile and customizable. For about 70% of the population, stock cabinets are the best choice. Primarily because the general population tends to not need to accommodate unique appliances or live in a space that has been architecturally designed to have odd surfaces. Stock cabinets are not labor intensive and can be installed easily by the homeowner. This reduces the price of installation as well as the time it will take to install. Stock cabinets are also produced in mass so there are no fears about supply chain delays by the manufacturer. You don’t have to plan well ahead in fears that the manufacturer’s supply runs low.

Custom Cabinets ​

In Vancouver, custom cabinets are becoming ever more popular. Since the cost of purchasing a home has been rising year over year, more people are investing back into their homes. A great way to invest back into your home’s equity is to install unique and luxurious cabinets which can maximize your unique space. Custom Cabinets tend to be labor intensive and have a time-consuming installation process. They often come with some very unusual construction features and additional accessories. They require a custom approach from start to finish. All this time spent on the craftsmanship and installation makes for a beautiful cabinet set. The down side is that, as with anything beautiful in life, it comes at a much higher price. Custom cabinets tend to cost a lot more than cookie-cutter stock cabinets. Custom cabinets also require a much longer lead time. From start to finish they can often take months to complete due to the fact that most custom cabinets use high quality woods which are not easily supplied. This supply chain problem may lead to additional delays so make sure to plan well ahead when planning to order custom cabinetry. Custom cabinets also have the benefit of being able to integrate custom appliances into its design. If you are looking to purchase several large sized appliances to be in your kitchen, you might greatly benefit from custom cabinetry. Custom cabinetry comes with all kinds of unique features such as electronics, hydraulics, refrigeration units, charging stations and more. If you require this high degree of customizability, you are better off getting a custom-made cabinet rather than trying to make do with stocked products.

How To Decide

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