Choosing The Best Cooktop For You

Electric Cooktop

When renovating your kitchen, a great deal of thought should go into selecting the right cooktop for you. After all, the main purpose of a kitchen is cooking delicious meals in the most time efficient way possible. Here we discuss three major features to look for when selecting your cooktop.

Energy Efficiency

To maximize energy efficiency, you will have to go with an electric cooktop. Not only will this save you on your monthly hydro bill but will also give your kitchen a cleaner look. Some people view gas appliances as archaic, so having a sleek electric cooktop will win you points with your guests. Not only points for sleek compact design but also because it will prevent your kitchen from smelling like dingy gas.


Cooktops save space. Just how much space you save is completely up to you. Whether you are looking for a wider cooking surface or one that is more narrow is completely up to you. Portability is a wonderful benefit of cooktops, so make sure to maximize it as best as you can.

Oven Consideration​

Keep in mind that unlike traditional stoves, cooktops do not come with an oven attached. If you are someone who loves baking, you will require an oven to be purchased and installed separately. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you view it. If you do not require an oven, you can save a pretty penny. If you do require an oven to accompany the cooktop, you will have to spend more but what you get in return is customizability. Since the oven is a separate piece, you can install it within the walls of the cabinets and save lots of space. This also allows for a more luxurious look when it comes to kitchen design.

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