Bathtub In A New Bathroom

There are multiple rudimentary steps people avoid when it comes to selecting the right bathtub for their bathroom. Here we will explore the 3 most important specs to check before purchasing and installing a bathtub in your bathroom.


Ensure that you are 100% comfortable laying in the tub. Countless times, people purchase bathtubs which are ergonomically incorrect and uncomfortable for them to lay in. Ensuring that you fit well in the tub (for your body type) is of upmost importance. In terms of size, ensuring that the tub takes up a moderate amount of space in your bathroom is also very important. Will it infringe on the space designated to the toilet? Will you be able to use the toilet comfortably with its installation? Does it fit in conjunction with how the position of the shower head? These are all questions you need to be asking yourself prior to purchasing a bathtub. 


Bathtubs get dirty quick, especially if you have pets that you bathe regularly. Ensure that the material is easy to clean and resistant to soap scum. Most bathtubs nowadays are made with high quality ceramics which should leave you without worry. Sometimes, homeowners try to reduce expenses by purchasing inferior quality bathtubs. They opt for polymer based tubs over ceramics and though they may save in the short run, it will cause them to have a lot more cleanup down the line.


Finally, ensure that the shape of the bathtub is one which fits best with your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a bathtub that you will be primarily lying down in, it better to opt for one with a wide oval shape. Shapes along those lines will best fit a human body which is larger around the center. If you’re looking to possibly install glass doors or cannot decide between having a tub and a stand in shower, opt for a rectangular shaped bathtub. Rectangular shaped bathtubs can function as a stand in just as well as a regular stand in shower. Bottom line, ensure the shape of your tub goes well with how you want to  functionally use it on a daily basis.

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