Cabinet Hardware

We have partnered with the industry’s top brands of cabinet hardware manufacturers and suppliers. Thus, ensuring our clients will get the best quality cabinets. While we make sure our cabinets are of high quality and durability, we also take into consideration our clients’ style and budget.

Cabinet Hinges

We provide the top cabinet hinges in the market to ensure a long life for your cabinets. The hinges play a significant role in the life of the cabinet as they are the hardware that holds most of the pressure and weight while taking a lot of motion. We mainly use Blum Hinges, which are the world’s leading manufacturer of cabinet hardware.

Cabinets Lift Systems

Without a doubt, Lift systems add luxury and technology to your kitchen cabinets. They are also the most practical choice when it comes to the practicality of the wall cabinets. To ensure this is done the best way possible and your cabinets always stay functional, we use the top proven lift systems that exist in the market. Blum Lift systems are the most proven and the strongest in the industry.

Drawer slides /Guides

When it comes to pressure and resistance, drawers are the one part of the cabinet that holds the most. As you can imagine, drawers slides are supposed to hold the weight of the drawer itsel and the drawer panel, as well as, all the items that are placed in them. This requires the top hardware to ensure your drawer doesn’t break after a certain time. So, we use Blum Drawer guides for most of our orders, ensuring our clients receive the best quality. Blum Drawer guides come in multiple sizes and functionality. We always suggest you use the under-mount Blum drawer guides with a soft closing option so you have the best drawers a kitchen could have.

Handles & Pulls

We carry a wide selection of Pulls and Handles. Depending on the style of cabinets you have selected for your kitchen and bathroom, we have the handles and pulls that match them. All you have to do is visit our showroom and see them in person, or contact us to get a virtual catalogue sent to you.

Storage Solutions

Whether you are looking to add to your cabinets a great and practical storage solution or add a more technological feature, w provide all sorts of storage solutions and organizers. This is a very large selection, therefore, talk to one of our advisors and let them know what type of solution you have in mind and let them provide you with the options that suit your project needs.

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