Kitchen Cabinets

At Broadway Cabinets & Countertops, we provide custom-made and pre-fabricated cabinets, which we handcraft at our local Factory in the Lower Mainland Vancouver, British Columbia. For any type of cabinetry that you are looking for, we have a solution. You can read more information below or contact us for any questions or get a free quote.

Durable Cabinet Interior Material

We use top-quality material to make our cabinets. Depending on your renovation project and the durability you would like for your cabinets, we provide you with our two main options: White melamine or Birch Plywood. White melamine is the most popular and common material used for kitchen cabinets based on affordability and resistance. However, Birch plywood is the toughest one out there made to last. We also provide other types of cabinet interior materials based on what suits your renovation project.

Broadway Cabinets & Countertops present a job in a white kitchen cabinets with a wooden countertop

Stylish Doors & Panels

There is a significant number of selections that we provide for Cabinet doors and panels. Depending on your project design, style, and budget, we provide you with a wide variety of options with the materials listed below but are not limited to:

German Technology

Functionality is not only implemented within the design and placement of the cabinets. It is also the hardware you use. We provide you with a wide variety of hardware to use within your cabinets to make sure you get the most potential out of your kitchen. We provide hardware such as German Technology Drawer Guides and Hinges to Inner cabinet storage systems and organizers.

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