Kitchen Cabinet Trends

If you want to move away from classic cabinets for your next renovation, you should consider kitchen cabinet trends. In this article, we will go over some of the cabinet’s trendy styles. Warm White Oak Warm white oak is one of this year’s kitchen cabinet trends. It gives your kitchen warmth and a sense of […]

Countertops In Vancouver

girl sitting on a countertop in Vancouver

Finding high quality countertops in Vancouver can be hard for several reasons. First of all, it’s hard to decipher which professional you can trust to have the capability to create such countertops. Not many places have the proper, laser precision equipment to ensure your custom countertops can be built as you desire. As a general […]

Top 4 Ways To Maximize Home Storage

Closet Storage Vancouver

When we discuss maximizing storage space, there are 4 ways that it is best done. These are centered around the 4 major spaces within the home where space is not utilized the best. Living Room Storage Purchase couches which have hollows within the trunk. This is always a great place to store your goods. Get […]

Benefits Of Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Looks Brilliant Marble has an iconic look that goes back thousands of years. Over the years marble has become synonymous with everything luxurious. The best part of marble is that there is no need to educate the viewer to know what kind of quality is being implied. As soon as someone enters a room with […]

Choosing The Best Cooktop For You

Electric Cooktop

Choosing The Best Cooktop For You When renovating your kitchen, a great deal of thought should go into selecting the right cooktop for you. After all, the main purpose of a kitchen is cooking delicious meals in the most time efficient way possible. Here we discuss three major features to look for when selecting your […]

How To Choose The Right Bathtub

Bathtub In A New Bathroom

There are multiple rudimentary steps people avoid when it comes to selecting the right bathtub for their bathroom. Here we will explore the 3 most important specs to check before purchasing and installing a bathtub in your bathroom. Size Ensure that you are 100% comfortable laying in the tub. Countless times, people purchase bathtubs which […]

How To Choose The Right Fixtures​

Golden Stove Faucet

Having fixtures which complement the home as a whole is a very important part of completing any remodeling or renovation project. Here we will quickly go over what you should pay attention to when it comes to your home fixtures. There are three main determining factors that you should keep an eye out for: Materials […]

Finding Good Countertops And Cabinets In Vancouver

kitchen in Vancouver with new cabinets and countertops

Good countertops in Vancouver can be hard to come by, so can cabinets. Many first time home owners don’t know where to start when it comes to shopping around for the right countertops and cabinets in Vancouver.  Here are a couple quick tips to help you be able to easily differentiate between high and poor […]

Custom Cabinets Vs Stock Cabinets

grey cabinets in a new kitchen

Whether you are building a new home or you just want to spruce up your current space, one of the most important purchases will be your cabinets. Whether it will be in the kitchen, the bathrooms, bedrooms or storage area, the right cabinets can not only make your space look better but also clean from […]