Laminate Countertop

The variety of colours and shapes you can find with laminate countertops make this type of countertop the best alternative to stone countertops. If you are looking from an affordable price point of view, these countertops are the best option.

Trusted for Decades

Because of the great price point and the demand for this type of countertop, Manufacturers have placed a lot of focus on implementing Style and quality within Laminate countertops. This has made this type of countertop very trusted in the market. when you choose this, You might not be getting the most resistant countertop, but you are for sure getting the most value out of the money you are paying.

Broadway Cabinets & Countertops present the large versatility of laminate countertops

Largest Selection of Colors & Textures

Laminate Countertops have the widest selection of colours and textures. This will give you the option to choose the best colour or texture that matches the rest of your room especially your cabinets. To get the best colours without being overwhelmed by the number of options, consult with one of our experts at no charge by contacting us now.

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We carry the top laminate countertop brands that are proven to be the best in the market.

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