Design & consultation

We have a team of Designers and experts that are trained professionally to make sure not only you get the best result in terms of design and style, but to ensure you  have the most practical and fuctional setup.

Fully Customized Design

Our specialized interior designers and consultants are working every day to keep up with the top home interior design trends to ensure our homeowners get the most amazing customized design for their projects. Our designers use the top design programs in the market to ensure our clientele gets to see what your kitchen will look like virtually before they move forward with the home or kitchen renovation. While our designers design your project, they will also take into consideration all the functionalities and practicality that your project needs, making sure the project finalizes the best way possible.

Broadway Cabinets & Countertops 3d rendering of kitchen renovation design to be shown to potential clients

Accurate Measurement

Before any home, kitchen or bathroom renovation job starts, our measurement experts and technicians will go to the project site and take accurate measurements to prevent any final flaw or gaps. It will also allow our team to assess the kitchen, bathroom, or any room. Measuring and assessing the room is an important step that we take. After the measurements are completed, our design team will develop the first scenario of your project design. Once the homeowner is happy with the final design, our measurement experts will go over the plans with the designers ensuring all adjustments and proportions are accurate. Then the final design is sent to the manufacturing department.

Purchasing Management

Once we have chosen the proper design and made sure everything is going to work properly, we send the list of all custom supplies and products that need to be purchased, such as sinks, faucets, countertops, hardware and so on to our purchasing managers. Our purchasing managers will ensure to communicate with you and suppliers to ensure the best products are purchased and there is no deficiency within the products.

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